Monday, January 5, 2015

cry for help

i've lived in utah for thirteen years.

thirteen years.

it's a pleasant place.


we are bored out of our minds.
please, someone enlighten us.
we don't want to spend a lot of money on ski passes and movie nights and country clubs and eating out.

what does one do?
we read books, we binge netflix, we try new recipes.
but really, what does one do in utah in the wintertime?


  1. I'll help! Hang out with me! Also, I've always wanted to make a weekly "sledding day" but always chicken out. The cold, man. And I want to stay at a yurt? Or a cabin? Or... just keep binge watching Gilmore Girls? (Also, your hair is so great).

  2. If i lived in that area, we would be going to all the antique furniture stores just to walk around. That is what we did when we lived in Salt Lake, it was fun.

  3. or just through all the different small stores you can find with cool things to look at, like books or antiques, etc.

  4. Move to New York! Though that won't neccessarily fit under the "not spend a lot of money" condition. But...that's the only advice I've got :)

  5. at least you don't live in iowa.... *crickets*

    cute pictures!

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  7. Why don't you blog anymore?!?!?!