Thursday, November 13, 2014


i decided conditions have to be just right for me to write a blog post. it's a very delicate... 'thing'. and the moment it's off balance i simply can't write - maybe it's a form of writer's block? i don't know what it is but there's a formula that it has to stick to or it's gone before it came. like i have to be happy. really happy. and the words and ideas have to be fresh, because they just don't fit if i try to write hours after the initial thought.

so i haven't written consistently in a long time. not that i haven't been happy. maybe there was something about school and the pressure it was putting on me that every burst of exhilarating freedom allowed had to be expressed in something as solid as a blog post. i'm just talking nonsense now. but it's flowing and it's flowing now so i've got to get it down on paper blog.

post-school life has been so... weird. exciting, yes. scary, yes. but weird? i didn't expect. how should i have? most of my life i've always known exactly what i was going to do the next year and the next year and the year after that. and i thought i knew what was coming. post-school life meant life without school. simply awesome life, right? but mostly it's just been weird for me. not terrible - because working full-time and having no homework isn't so bad. but i don't know what is going to happen next year. or the next. or the year after that. 


on another note, can we talk about how i'm so over stereotypes right now? and i feel like a baby for acting like a victim of stereotyping. but, it's still not cool. and lately i've been reminded of it like a not cool slap in the face. hey stranger that just met me: YOU DON'T KNOW ME. and i don't want your unsolicited advice.

also, stranger, since you didn't know-it's not okay to ask me if and when i'm going to have kids just because i have a ring on it.


p.s. you know that club of crazies-watching-gilmore-girls-on-netflix? well i'm in that club, and i gift this to all you other crazies out there.


  1. Gorgeous photo! I hope you find out what you want to do in life soon. :) There's loads of time yet.

  2. the comments about babies never end... well, maybe when you pass the age where you look like you could have babies. This one girl in my ward has made it very clear she thinks I need to have another baby. NEED TO. and soon. cause, you know, it's a race. I get comments from men at work, people at the store, people at church... and then there are the articles people post on facebook, about how you aren't a real parent until you have a certain amount of kids... I have learned to just smile. It isn't a race. and the amount of babies you have and when you have them is a different "right answer" for each person. there is my rant on stereotyping lol

  3. so glad im not the only one who gets asked often when I'm having children! Are those people going to be there raising my child for the rest of their lives? I think not- it's a little personal...

  4. the baby question! I'm not married yet so all I get is the engagement question. URGH

    I guess I have a lot more questions to look forward to :|

  5. It's true that question will never end! I have four, I get asked nearly every day when I will have another! I'm always thinking- do I look pregnant, is that why they are asking? It was just a bug lunch leave me alone! Anyway, life is weird after school but hopefully you can just live it up and truly enjoy the not knowing!