Sunday, October 12, 2014

run-on paragraph

so. dallas is just watching wishbone and i'm watching gilmore girls, because netflix, and nostalgia. GG makes me want to go to harvard and eat twinkies, and is it just me or did lorelai and max get engaged after only like 2 weeks of dating? what? we're having a great time, dallas and i. we're happy. really happy. i mean, we're in school and we're working full time and we're a million miles from the coast, but we're happy. i had to learn how to use a stickshift today, and it involved yelling and tears and ugly faces on my part and encouragement and patience and chuckling from dallas. he is one perfect human. we had friends visiting this weekend. friends. we have them. we went camping with them. actually we stuffed blankets and pillows into the car and went to the store and bought marshmallows and graham crackers and hershey bars and then drove to the top of the mountain and decided there was probably a chainsaw murderer in the aspens and then realized we didn't want to be camping. so we turned around and found a hot tub and then made our smores over candles and in the oven and fell asleep watching the great gatsby. we also went to denny's with them but then ended up at ihop and spent $20 on a mediocre meal. let's talk about the monopoly denny's and ihop have with breakfast food and how it's wrong. who charges $10 for an omelet? who pays $10 for an omelet? but i had to because it's 1am and who can make an omelet at 1am? only ihop and denny's, obviously. but you know what really needs to happen? a 24 hour chinese restaurant.

i know this post is just random words strung together, so if you actually want to know the exciting things going on in my life, you can follow me on instagram at lydia.lizard because that's the only place i post about anything lately.

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  1. I have been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix lately too! It's so funny watching it through older eyes and not agreeing with some of the things I was so into before! (Like Dean? I loved him but now I'm kinda like, Dude, you're a cheater!)