Tuesday, October 14, 2014

guacamole or garnish?

tonight was really weird.

tonight was really sweet.

things have been been a little stressful over here. i got a new job, i had to learn stick shift, and... that's about it. but the stick shift thing, it's gettin' to me. i now have a personal vengeance against every person who proclaims their adoration for their manual and how easy it is to drive it. i'm being real mature, i know, but it's a simple thing like driving a moving piece of deadly machinery, barreling and shaking through the streets and trying not to harm another human being that really pushes me over the edge. especially in provo, where there's 1,000 oblivious pedestrians crossing the street at any given second. how is this legal?

anyway, i'm two years old again. i'm snappy, i'm frustrated, and i'm often in tears. and before anybody makes a stupid pms joke, stop. i'm just going through the awkward stage of driving a stick shift. and through this entire phase dallas has been the single most supporting and patient partner ever. he's spent hours in the car with me everyday for the last week, teaching and helping me practice, despite his full-time school schedule and two jobs.

so we're at jimmy john's tonight and i'm ordering a sandwich. but i'd been boycotting that place, you know, because every time i go there my 75 cent add-on of avocado is spread thinner than my mayo and that's a crime. it's just that when you pay extra for a vegetable you expect to taste it on your sandwich, right? but tonight we found ourselves at jimmy john's despite (because we've been having pizza night every night over here and its been getting to our arteries). i asked the cashier politely, "i know this is obnoxious, but could you just make sure they put a decent amount of avocado on my vito?" he almost acted offended at my 'absurd' request. five minutes later i'm staring at my gutted sandwich, and i'm wondering what kind of cruel karma is this? i decided to ask for a little more avocado, only to get told my 75 cents was only worth one tablespoon and too bad if i can't taste that one tablespoon of avocado transparently spread on my 8" sub. i was back at our table feeling deflated and childish and why are my cheeks wet? when next thing i knew dallas had scooped up my sub, bounded to the counter and was demanding more guac. i was gawking and i was speechless because dallas ≠ confrontation. a second later there was a freshly guaced out sub on my lap and an avenged dallas looking at me from across the table with a little smile. and guys.

it was the weirdest thing.

it was the sweetest thing.


  1. That is the sweetest! It's so good to have someone you can rely on in moments like that. Even if the moments seem silly to other people :) learning how to drive a stick shift was the WORST. But one day it clicked with me, and then the hard part was over. It will click with you too!

  2. Aww that is really cute :) It's always good to have your man stick up for you, but especially when he does things not in his nature to do so :) Good luck with driving! I've only tried stick shift once, but my husband is one of those people who says he loooooves manual cars. Weirdo.

  3. Ryan taught me to drive stick. I do not enjoy it, but I know how and have to do it whenever I drive our car. Good luck! And that's really sweet how he spoke up for you even if it was not a big deal, it still matters.