Sunday, September 14, 2014

paradise and provo

so, like, don't hate me, but we're back from hawaii and i didn't blog practically the whole time (as angrily pointed out to me by becca). beforehand i assumed i would have all the time in the world to record all the wonders of our little oahu. but i soon learned that four short months were nothing, and i needed to spend every second of my time to soak up every bit of the island.

but, we're back. and so, i'm back.

i had resigned myself to returning to unhealthy amounts of netflix and posting ridiculous amounts of food pics on instagram (because that was the pathetic highs of my provo life circa 2009-2013). but on the plane back to this strange bubble we call provo, dallas and i turned to each other and resolved to make a change in our attitude, for the sake of our sanity. would you know it, our parents were right.

i am so happy. we spend our time seeking out the hidden treasures of provo and sneaking away to the wonders of southern utah whenever we get the chance. i'm starting to warm up to provo. this sounds silly, but i feel like i only had to open my eyes and turn my head and all of a sudden there's a subtle charm to provo. regardless of it's hellish traffic and horrid drivers, you squish enough people into a tiny town and they pleasantly surprise you with bright wall murals, and chalked blocks, and exquisite eats. it only took me five years to admit it.

stay tuned for an overload of paradise pictures on our perfect island of oahu.


  1. The other day, I randomly thought about you and how you moved to Hawaii for the summer, and it made me think, is there any way I can squeeze that into my life? Haha so now I'm investigating what it would take to move to Hawaii for a bit haha :) Fun to have you back blogging, and what a good idea to try and find the treasures in your own city! I definitely need to have an outlook more like that. Let me know what you find, since we share the same city ;)

  2. This is lovely. Provo is such a beautiful town. It's full of character and little treasures around the corner. You've got everything you need - mountains, lakes, restraints, historic streets and lots of wonderful people.