Wednesday, September 17, 2014


+ guys. so today dallas and i were watching all four videos of taylor's 'shake it off' outtakes (well, i was watching and dallas was looking over my shoulder for the price of cuddling), which somehow led to a taylor '1989' inspired photoshoot, which somehow ended up like this ^^^. you can now find my newly released single, 'skate it off', on itunes.

+ that reminds me, have any of you instastalked miley lately? talk about a porthole to the ttttwwwiiillliiiggghhhttt zzzooonnneee. srsly. i found myself there in a bout of insomnia at 3 in the morning the other night and it strangely clicked with my half asleep zombie self in a way i cannot explain. miley, i will always love you.

+ as part of my attempt to enjoy provo and blog more i'm taking more photos as incentive. pray for dallas.