Tuesday, May 20, 2014

please read . or don't .

ridiculous amounts of spare time calls for ridiculous amounts of reading, in my book.

i haven't been so in love with a book since goose girl, i think.

meet eleanor and park, my new favorite.

sometimes i want to plead with people to read a book that i think is special, and other times i feel the book is too good to force on people. i'm sort of in the middle of this right now. so, please, just read it. or don't, your loss.


  1. I LOVE Rainbow Rowell. I just read Attachments a week or so ago and its a new fav.

  2. Love this book!!! And The Goose Girl. Eleanor and Park is one of those books that, when I finished it, it just sat on my psyche because it is immensely beautiful and everything good.