Sunday, May 4, 2014

makeup bag madness

i have been working on a new mini blog series as part of makeup madness. i've always loved the "what's in my purse," or "what's in my medicine cabinet," type things, because i love knowing what makeup people are using to get a certain look, or their favorite products. but those posts are generally more scattered than i prefer (hand sanitizer next to aspirin, next to kleenex, next to a tube of lipstick). and i know that most of the time the makeup people carry around in their purse is usually their favorite, but i'm also fascinated with what people may not use on a regular basis, but still allow to take up space in their makeup bag. so, without further ado, i am excited to share my first makeup bag madness post! each post includes a picture and short description written by the bag's owner. i decided to start with carrie's makeup bag. she is my oldest sister. i lived with her in california for a summer a couple years ago, and she quickly become one of my heroines. she amazes me for all her talents, photography especially. also makeup. i love her flawless, natural look. (p.s. she calls me 'bit.' it's a family nickname.)

Hi Miss Bit friends,
Here are a few products that I like to use for my face:

To clean my face I use Arbonne Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener Hydratant.
Occasionally (if I have a party/fancy gig to go to) I use Arbonne Cellular Renewal Masque the night before (this stuff makes my face glow!).

Right after I shower I like to put Isagenix Rejuvity Moisturizing Daydream on my face.  I am sensitive to dry skin and this is some really great face lotion.

Right before make-up I use Arbonne Primer (love it!).
I am still attached to my Covergirl liquid powder that I have been using since high school 10+yrs.  
I have some wonderful eye color from NYX (check out these beautiful colors here).  
And I love my Burt's Bees carmel lip balm and Mary Kay eye brushes.

I like my black liquid liner from Lancome.  
The only product that I am not really satisfied with is my mascara.  I have tried multiple brands and I think Lancome has the best I've found.  It is a great color and never runs (I hate runny scara!) but it is a little goopy.  I am still on the look-out for fantastic mascara so let me know if you find some. 

I use Lancome bi-facil to clean my face at the end of the day.  With a quick cotton-ball swipe it gently pulls off all my make-up- I love it :)

So that's what's in my make-up bag :)

Love you,

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