Monday, May 19, 2014

makeup bag madness + shelby

Hey there Chocolate Cake lovers,
This is just my basic step by step everyday routine with my favorite products, hope you enjoy!

Fair skin girls, where you at?! Hello, number one priority, moisturizer with spf! If I am not spf-ed (possibly a made up word?) I am not leaving my house! Not only does this stuff make my skin feel like a baby's butt, but it also protects it from the sun. Score.

This stuff. It literally, seriously, is magic. It feels like butter without all the grease. It fills in pores and can be easily worn alone. This product not only moisturizes your face, but it seals it in! 

I love my freckles and I want them to show! I love that this product gives me awesome coverage, but my freckles are still visible! One layer of this stuff and my uneven-reddened skin tone disappears into flawless looking skin. I use a brush to apply this, but if I am wanting some full coverage I use the sponge. This product is very versatile as far as amount of coverage goes.  

I have an eleven month needless to say, I get dark bags under my eyes! This product lasts all day long, so I feel like it is worth the price. I just take a concealer brush and dab it on there and get up to my waterline as far as I can and smooth it out with the brush and then work it in with my finger. This product does exactly what it says it will, erase. 

I don't always use this, but it helps shape my brow and fix up any sparse areas before I fill them in with my next product.

I swear this stuff morphs into whatever color best matches your natural eyebrow. I have used really expensive brow kits, but this is right up there with all of those high end make-up lines and it only costs me $3!

If you want the arch of your brow to be more dramatic you should give this product a try. 

If you are a redhead, reach for peach blush rather than pink. Just my advice. As redheads we tend to get red in our T zone or just get splotchy altogether. If you are putting on pink blush without all the proper steps you are going to look really pink, red, and splotchy. I use a lot of different brands of blush, this is just my favorite right now. 

Sometimes I wear this, sometimes I don't. I don't love this brand. I went to Ulta and tried a product exactly like this made by Urban Decay. Urban Decay's product held up so much better so I will most likely be switching over to that.

This mascara is new to me and I am in love. It gives length and body to my lashes and they still look natural! I HIGHLY recommend this mascara. No flaking, it hold up in heat, and can be natural looking or dramatic. YES.

I love lipstick. I LOVE IT. I have more lipstick than any sane woman should. I keep the rest of my make-up really natural so I can wear a killer lip color. The texture of this stuff is divine and it is super long lasting. I love that I don't have to keep reapplying over and over and over again. Note: this line is only sold at Walmart.

Makeup Remover
To wash off my make-up I use a homemade soap I made from doTERRA oils and then I re-wash my face with Neutrogena's Oil-free Face Wash. Pretty simple and easy!

Sooooo, that is what is in my everyday bag. I have an up-seen amount of makeup and figured I would save everyones time by just showing my essentials. :) I typically where a light copper colored eye shadow from Clinique but my allergies are currently not okay with glitter pigmented things. What I use on a everyday basis seems like a lot, but it is super quick and really doesn't look like I caked anything on. God made me beautiful just the way I am, but these products enhance what He gave me. Plus, make-up is fun! 

Much love!


  1. OMG SO MUCH OF MAKEUP AND CHOCOLATE CAKE. I love you. <333 Thank you for your generous comments on my blog and obviously we can be best friends. Let's be blogger best friends. :D
    I love your blog. Not flattering you but I like blogs with white backgrounds and neat and clean blogs. Since I am busy studying for my exam, I don't have much time for makeup but I will definitely take tips from you once I start my university. And yes I just finished my high school and now I am taking SATs to get admission in a college. (:
    Take care. Have a lovely day.

  2. It's always nice to see which products work for other women and what's their makeup routine! :)
    I'm curious to try that E.l.f. Eyebrow Kit!



  3. Love this post. (especially because I'm a redhead too) Question about the primer and foundation you listed...are they non comedogenic? I have a problem with make up clogging pores and causing adult acne (hello im 25 this should not happen!) anyways I was told by my dermo to buy makeup that actually says this on their bottle! Just curious. Any info would be great! :)

  4. i use the exact same moisturizer. it is pretty great.