Wednesday, May 7, 2014

i definitely jumped out of bed and did a happy dance this morning.

>>> watching the flow of my incoming emails slow down and dry up.

>>> waking up to the ocean breeze coming through my bedroom window and flooding our little studio.

>>> coconut shrimp and burgers with heaping avocado and bacon and fried potato slices and garlic rice and fresh grilled pineapple and and and ... 

>>> the heat and the humidity. my skin feels happy as a clam.

>>> family. i love that i gained so many amazing friends overnight when i married dallas. 

>>> letting my body fall asleep and wake up when it needs to.

i was so worried before the move, and i wish i just hadn't been. here's to being care free.


  1. Ahh beyond jealous :) have so much fun in the sun! :)

  2. so exciting that you guys are in HAWAII! how fun. i cant wait to see all the pictures!