Monday, April 14, 2014

my (school) life is over.

>>> this is my life these last few weeks. i don't really know how to explain how stressful its been, other than i think i've developed an anxiety disorder. but if anyone were to ask me how i was, i'd probably answer with a cheesy smile, because dallas.

>>> fifth year of college and i still don't understand deadlines. wrote an entire ten page paper last night that was due today. oh, and this was the fourth time i've done that this semester.

>>> i'm really just waiting for this whole 30 fad to fade and for everyone to realize that cake and donuts and milk-dunked oreos and lucky charms and chocolate chip waffles and gelato and nutella and peach jam on english muffins for cryin' out loud! are still a thing. even those nasty cupcake shops that are all frosting and no cake are still a thing. and sometimes they're a million times better than an artichoke and asparagus. and this is something, coming from someone who loves artichoke and asparagus as much as i do. *sidenote: do you know dominos doesn't even offer artichoke as a pizza topping? who are they?

>>> k i used to think the piano guys were kind of nerds but then they play all my favorite songs and get to travel to all the wonders of the world, and i don't, so...


  1. You are officially my favorite person ever for that Whole30 bit. Amen sister!

  2. Hmm. I don't even know what the whole30 thing is! But I'm with you on cake and donuts. Why can't they just have all the nutrition we need? Haha :)

    And I'm definitely like you . . . waiting til the absolute last possible minute to finish up assignments and papers. Thank goodness it's the last day of the term . . . :D When do you go to Hawaii?