Tuesday, March 11, 2014

for all you curious catz

so. this hawaii thing. there's been lots of questions on my blog and instaham about what in the world is happening with hawaii. i thought i'd been talking your ear off about it but maybe i just think about it in my head so much that i forget what i actually have and haven't shared.

it's pretty basic, so this should only take a second.

dallas and i are going to hawaii for the summer. four whole months. with two 'personal belongings' and one carry-on. i do talk a lot about hawaii on my blog, but one might get confused because there's this summer in hawaii, and there's also our plans to live in hawaii permanently one day, or at least live there for a really long time. lately we've been fantasizing about living in london for a while too. cross you're fingers and i'll pee my pants. anyway.

dallas has a couple married siblings living in hawaii right now so we're going to join them. we have a place lined up, tickets bought, and hopefully connections for some jobs (thanks mary, jordan, isaac, and lauren! and baby mea!).

and that's pretty much it. we've been saving, collecting swim suits, and almost killing ourselves trying to get through the longest semester of our lives. but that's all.

there's one thing that's been getting me though. it's been a couple times now that we've shared with someone our summer plans and we're met with a confused face and a blunt, "but why?".

us: "what do you mean?"

"well... there's nothing to do in hawaii." (this is coming from people that live in provo, utah, of all places.)

us: "uh... yeah. except snorkel. and surf. and hike. and sail. and spear fish. and paddle board. or go crabbing. or just swim in the ocean. and sneak into outdoor hot tubs at fancy hotels right on the shore. and peruse the street shops. and visit pearl harbor. or just enjoy the sunset. and jump of giant cliffs and fall into clear blue ocean. or my favorite - lay on the sand and soak up the sun. and don't forget all the seafood trucks."

the list goes on.

but, it's easier to just answer, "because."

so, because.


  1. That's so fun. Good for you guys. I have only ever dreamed of being able to just pick up and go because I don't have anything else to do. There is only so much to do in Provo haha!

  2. people think there isn't anything to do?! people are so silly. I would love to pick up and go some place that I dream of going, some day we will be able to do that.

  3. You guys will have so much fun!!! Make sure to try Kahuku Grill. It's by the temple-ish and has THE BEST coconut macadamia nut shrimp I have ever had. And ALWAYS get a plate lunch. Stuff yourselves full of mac salad and, I know coldstone is err'where, but they have this macadamia ice cream I would KILL for.
    oh you lucky devils.

  4. ahhhh so so jealous that sounds incredible!! I'm sure you guys will have the time of your lives!
    "don't forget all the seafood trucks"*gasp. Please blog all your adventures once you guys are there! xx

  5. I love that you both are doing this. I've told my Stephen that when we get hitched, we are outta here! We want to go travelling for a year - save all our money and then just go and explore this beautiful world. To me, there is no greater dream.

    Perhaps we can stop by Hawaii and take those photos for you :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could stumble across yours. You are such a gem, wow!

  6. No need to explain yourself to me! I get it. Hawaii is heaven. Maybe we'll run into each other this summer!

  7. Kudos to you for doing something out of the ordinary! I think that I would love to do something like that while I'm still young. I hope you have a blast & I can't wait to see all of your blog posts about it. Can I live vicariously through you?

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  8. That sounds so heavenly. I've only been once, but if I had to pick a place to live for four months I would definitely choose it. You are going to love it! Careful though, you won't want to come back...

  9. Ah what a great four months that'll be. It's nice to have something like that to look forward to during this never-ending semester.

  10. Oh my goodness that sounds amazing! I'm always telling my husband that I want to get out of here and live in very different and exotic places--Hawaii, New York, England, Central America. I'm up for anything. Jealous of your fun adventure! :)


  11. This is what young married couples are supposed to do. You probably won't have tons of money or many things either (just one carry on...I'm impressed!), but it will be bliss, I'm sure.

    By the by, this is one of my favorite songs as of late and I listened to this song a million times on my honeymoon because it's a perfect song.

  12. i love hawaii! have the time of your life! i can't wait to see so many pictures of paradise. eat a malasada every single day for me.


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