Thursday, March 20, 2014

thank you to the universe

>>> i'd like thank my sister for helping me laugh instead of cry when people are mean. #feministproblems

>>> i'd like to thank ramen for letting me be lazy. sometimes you just gotta choose between a healthy diet and a summer in hawaii.

>>> i'd like to thank all the surfers i follow on instagram for providing me with fresh pictures of the ocean everyday and keeping me sane till may.

>>> i'd like to thank ross for having a secret stash of skate brand merch, even if it is all knockoffs. tapped that.

>>> i'd like to thank dallas for writing me an outline for my presentation this morning. the best homework is the kind that your husband does for you.


  1. There is so much thanks going on in the blogosphere today! I love it!

  2. cool points for Dallas! and your hair color looks amazing.