Monday, March 31, 2014

looking up... to donuts

>>> getting ready for the day with dallas turned queen bey dance party turned donut party is my favorite morning.

>>> you know those people who don't believe in nicknames? well, we are not those people. dallas is denlen, bug, love bug, boo, boo snack, love, lovee, baby, and booger. lydia is lydzbelle, lyntals, my dear, flower, my queen, and flower queen.

>>> the last couple weeks have been 1 part burritos, 2 parts chocolate chip cookies, and three parts redbull. i'm not complaining.

>>> other than last week being all sorts of hormonal hell, this week is looking pretty bright. i mean, i only have two ten page papers, an annotated bibliography, a "place journal"??, and two presentations due.

>>> i've been reflecting a lot on this blog and what it means to me. i've had it for almost three years now and it's turned into something i never expected when i first started. not only has it been a hobby, an outlet, and a journal of sorts, it has also been a wonderful way to meet awesome new people whom i love! seriously. i feel so lucky. i still get excited every time i see someone has commented on a post and i feel flattered just knowing someone bothered to read it. #iwanttoreadalltheblogs

>>> and the best for last... this here blog has reached 100 followers! time for a

i'll keep you posted, babes.


  1. Yay, for 100 followers girl! And for beyonce, dance, and donut parties! LOVE that.

  2. Yahoo! This is exciting and makes me happy. Congrats on 100 followers - how amazing :) x

  3. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! Also, I love that you guys do nicknames because we are totally guilty of that :)

  4. congrats on reaching 100! :)