Saturday, March 15, 2014

let's talk about face crap, shall we?

so. remember that one time i tried out a new skincare system for my face, and it.. blew up in my face? as in my skin had an allergic reaction and i looked like a swollen, flaky jellyfish for two weeks? it was miserable. i was trying out some clinique samples i had gotten over christmas break. to be fair to clinique - i do have really sensitive skin and this was not the first time i'd had the exact same reaction with other brands.

so i'm back to using my old system. my simple neutrogena face wash and paula's choice toner.

this neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser is a funny one. i used to hate it because i bought it on a whim at target after i'd run out of my old aveeno foaming face wash. it was on sale and it said it was also a makeup remover. as in, it cuts down one more step in my nightly routine?! - hello! and then i brought it home and pumped it, excitedly anticipating the fluffy foam, as i do, and then - ...nothing? goodbye. i don't know where neutrogena comes off saying it is a foaming cleanser, because it doesn't matter how much i lather - nada. and then i tried to remove my makeup with it and it didn't impress me. and also, it kind of smells like peanut butter. so i was a little bitter. but i bit the bullet because money for facial cleanser doesn't grow on trees.

after a few months i went on vacation to my sister's and hadn't packed my own facial cleanser so i just used hers. and then i realized. oh. so my foam-fibbing neutrogena dual facial cleanser and makeup remover actually does work. cause i use this other stuff and my makeup doesn't budge and i have to break out the vaseline and try to goop my makeup off. but when i use my neutrogena dual facial cleanser and makeup remover i get to be lazy. and it works (perk). i've come to accept that i'm just kind of a tough person to please when it comes to makeup remover, so i shouldn't be so hard on my magical little boring neutrogena cause it's actually doing a pretty dang good job. i've bought a second bottle since the first one ran out and it wasn't even on sale this time - this says everything.

and then there's my paula's choice skin recovery enriched calming toner. i was first stricken with this toner for the hydrating properties it boasts. the least romantic part about toners is how they harshly dry out my already harshly dried skin. i've been using my paula's choice toner for a couple months now, comparing it to other toners i've tried in the past - clean and clear (which smells and feels like putting straight, stinging alcohol on your face), and proactiv (which i've used for years--it's a general, gentle toner). but nothing compares to my paula's choice skin recovery enriched calming toner. it has an interesting consistency - it's more milky than other toners i've used. and it works (perk). it gets the job done and in a soft, silky way.

*paula's choice sent me the toner for free, but i am not being paid to post about it.

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