Saturday, March 15, 2014

i'm a shallow person.

>>> i just realized my blog's url is raspberriesandsugar and my blog's name is chocolate cake. no, this is not a food blog. at least not intentionally.

>>> when you use your shirt as a kangaroo pouch to carry all your chocolate chips.

>>> sodalicious, this is a public thank you for inventing the extra dirty dr. pepper. see you tomorrow. and everyday after.

>>> dallas talks in his sleep. the other night he thanked me for "working on the chips" ?

>>> did you know there's such thing as a 'USPS SUCKS' facebook page? one finds out these things during tirades after one's package is delivered ripped open and the contents stolen. this is america, people.

>>> anyone seen my faux leather leggings lately? they're mia and i'm pretty upset about it. i can't find any evidence, but i think our apartment's room of requirement (second bedroom) has eaten them.


  1. That is terrible that someone tore into your package!! I have never had something like that happen but I worry about it.

  2. hahaha this is a hilarious list. I do the kangaroo pouch thing as well, I eat too many chocolate chips!