Friday, March 7, 2014


>>> i could eat cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then those snacks in between meals and also even those snacks in the middle of the night. it's just how it goes.

>>> i don't know what possessed me, but the other night i got the craving to attack the pile of sewing jobs i have next to my new sewing machine. and to watch friends. don't worry, i pulled an all-nighter drinking two redbulls and altering a new pair of pants for 10 hours. #priorities

>>> %50 of what i eat is bagels and cream cheese. this is how i prepare for hawaii.

>>> we officially bought our tickets for hawaii! and i officially only paid to live out of one carry on... for four whole months. it's fine.

>>> this week i dreamt that my dad was the richest man in the world and had set up a whole department store of everything you could ever think of just for me and my friends to go shopping in for free. and the first thing i did was clear out the entire cosmetics aisle. please, someone make this a reality. 

>>> another night i dreamt i was a kardashian. please, no one ever make this a reality.

>>> speaking of dreams, last night i dreamt the way to snooze your phone alarm clock was to take a screen shot on your phone. i woke up with 10+ of these photos.

>>> also, this. 

{ dallas' idea of bringing me breakfast in bed. dang, i love that man. }

>>> happy international women's day! check out google's homepage today when you get the chance.


  1. I love your sense of humor!

    And yes...TGIF!

  2. You're living in Hawaii for four months?! What for? That's so exciting! And now I'm craving shopping sprees and McGriddles :)

  3. okay that is so creepy- my birthday is 7/27 and i see it on clocks all the time (hello, awesome internal clock). anyway. it creeps me out that that is on your phone, but i will deal. ;) Yay Hawaii!!

  4. You crack me up. So jealous you're going to Hawaii! And I eat a bagel basically every day. I feel ya.