Saturday, February 15, 2014

peace out, snoggers

>>> we spent our day working, watching the bachelor, and eating mexican food. he bought me flowers, and it was perfect. happy v-day, ya'll.

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  1. relaxing night is always the best.

  2. How on earth do you convince him to watch the bachelor with you?! My husband says noooo way haha :) PS who are you rooting for?! :)

    1. ASHLEY NICOLE IT'S LIKE A MIRACLE!!! i sat him down and MADE him watch one episode with me and by the end of the night he was hooked. in fact, just now he turned to me all excited and said "i think a new bachelor episode came out tonight! let's watch it right now!" it's almost midnight, haha.

    2. Haha that is so awesome. R won't give it a chance. If I even talk about it, he rolls his eyes! But I like it :) Who do you think he will choose? Who do you want him to choose? Who do you think should be the next bachelorette? Can you tell I don't get to talk about this with anyone else? Haha I think I'm going to go write a post about the bachelor right now . . . :)