Wednesday, February 12, 2014

>>> i came across this article on buzzfeed and i think it's my most favorite buzzfeed article of all time. although, i'm pretty sure being married to dallas william hadley is 1,000,000 X better than ever eating a grilled cheese again in my lyfe. i also came across a different article on buzzfeed written by a women who calls herself "the other woman,"--you know, the woman you're husband has an affair with. and she claims women deserve to be cheated on. it was probably the most despicable article i've ever come across on buzzfeed. but let's not dwell on that garbage.

>>> i sort of have a pen pal, and it makes me super joyous. shout out to you, shelby. i don't know if it really counts, because she doesn't live across the globe and i knew her growing up, but whatever. it counts on my bucket list.

>>> my mom is coming down to provo tonight for the sole reason of just going to plato's closet with me. best friend + plato's closet = this is kind of like my dream.

>>> something magical happened and smith's sent us a bunch of magical coupons that are magically for all the items we buy all time time. and, would you have it, there's a magical $2 coupon for revlon makeup and i already know exactly how i'm spending it. revlon just bitten lip stain, you are finally mine. i'll keep you posted.

>>> tax returns are probably in my top ten favorite things about being married. i think our hawaii fund just tripled.

>>> i'm waiting for not one, not two, but three packages in the mail this week, and one of them is a valentine from my mom and i'm so excited. which, you would think i was overreacting, but check out the card that was part of last year's valentines from my mom-

baha! it still gets me.

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  1. I love your mom, she is awesome. Your parents are my favorite out of Ryan's aunts and uncles. I won't lie, out of mine as well, lol. I love tax returns as well, I would love them even more if they were never taken from us in the first place. We aren't doing anything fun with ours, other than paying off medical debt--which I am honestly stoked about. I'm a little jealous of your trip to Hawaii. I'm planning on a trip for Ryan and I to the Madeira islands... for sometime in the next 2 or more years. I have to convince Ryan that is where we should go, because he would rather go on a cruise or to Hawaii or the Caribbean, etc.

  2. I totally live across the globe! ...depending on which way you fly #justsayin