Tuesday, January 21, 2014

this blog post is to say i have nothing to blog about and it's making me antsy.

i miss blogging.

why can't i think of anything to say?

short answer: i'm boring.

i think i'm in limbo. that moment in time when you realize you used to think you had senioritis when you were a senior but now that you're a super senior you realize, oh, so this is senioritis, and you've truly, truly signed out of school and you skip class and you skip homework and you just sit, not knowing what to do with yourself, because all of a sudden you realize that yes, you have lots of dreams for post-college life but you have absolutely no idea which one to pick and so, you're at a stalemate. a stalemate where you come home from campus early and just sit. on your couch. doing nothing. but wondering. what, oh what, are you going to do?


continue working your seamstress job full-time?
go to cosmetology school?
go to esthetician school?
go to grad school?
throw yourself into an etsy shop?
or dedicate your life to your blog?

i just.

i don't know.

but i do know this guy exists and he's mine forever. so that's something.


  1. oh, i remember that feeling. the future is basically the worst. But I will say that my esthetician friend here in the city...makes 80K a year. as a starting salary. at my age. which makes me think I basically wasted four years of my life and totally chose the wrong career path.

  2. I remember that feeling! I decided to go on to grad school. Figured I could put off life altering decisions that way!

    And you've got a cute honey you love who totally adores you. You've got it made!

  3. this feeling is suuuch an annoying one. im constantly going back and forth on what to do after i graduate. a break feels nice, but it is weirdly scary!

  4. I am feeling the exact same way about school! It's nice to know I'm not alone in my zero motivation for schoolwork. :)

  5. I don't miss the stalemate. Not at all.

  6. I have had too many days where I wanted to write but didn't have anything to write about. You're already better than me though, because at least you still came up with something! Ha, I'm sorry you're at such a crossroads right now. I hope that you can find some direction soon!