Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the second worst feeling in the world

remember last post and how i wished for your weekend to be as fabulous as mine?

i'm so, so sorry. i think i jinxed myself, and i truly hope your weekend was not anything like mine.

i've always said that nausea is the second to worst physical feeling in the world, labor being the first. what would i know - i've never been in labor, but i'm not cocky enough to say i've felt worse than that. (disclaimer: i'm not referring to the miracle of birthing a baby - i'm only talking about the pain). 

on friday night i got food poisoning or a virus or something and i spent all of saturday in bed or on the bathroom floor, being sick and watching gossip girl. on saturday night i flat-out surrendered and parked myself in a blanket nest on the bathroom floor.

thankfully it only lasted 24 hours, and i only felt semi-nausea on the 8 hour trip home.

now dallas and i are home and happy in provo. we were welcomed to our disastrous apartment, which still shows signs of last-semester's finals week. needless to say, we are less than excited to go back to class today. but, we're still savoring the sweet, too-short time we got to share with our families this christmas and feel incredibly blessed to belong to such great people.

here's to a belated happy new year.

p.s. halfway through the weekend my brain started to melt so i switched from gossip girl to sherlock, and i highly recommend the latter.


  1. Haha I love that your "brain started to melt" so you switched to Sherlock. Awesome. I've never watched Gossip Girl, but now I'm really curious to see its brain melting abilities :)

    I'm so sorry you were sick though! That sounds... Awful. I have been in labor and I have also had morning sickness for weeks in end... I prefer the labor (in all fairness because of epidurals) but there is nothing quite so horrible as nauseousness!

    1. well, by "brain melting" i mean that my brain cells were dying while my gossiping skills were flourishing. ;) pretty mind numbing haha.

  2. Sherlock is my favorite. haha
    Sorry to hear you were sick! Nausea is my least favorite of any sort of sick feeling. If that makes sense.
    But your hair is adorable! Hope you have a fantastic semester.

  3. bahaha melting brain. hilarious! feel better xx

  4. Lol nausea was WAY worse for me than labor. During labor you actually feel like you're accomplishing something versus just feeling crappy.