Wednesday, January 15, 2014

mid-week crises are for wussies

>>> the sad, sad news that i'll probably never be able to relive this picture again. just when i discover my love for wendy's jr. bacon cheeseburgers i somehow develop gut-wrenching stomach aches to greasy foods.

>>> sometimes you decide it's a good day to skip class because hey, i've got something better to do, like take a nap. and maybe watch some frozen and cry. and reminisce about the days when you were a good student.

>>> realizing that short hair was a really really bad idea for someone who only knows how to wake up and put a bun in her hair every day. currently trying to rock the naturally wavy bob but wondering if that's a look only meant for super models... who am i kidding?

>>> listening to dallas talk about why he wants to be a high school teacher and how he's going to remind his students everyday that they are "cool." makes me beam.

>>> this is seriously the best pumpkin bread recipe. i generally don't make recipes from blogs that don't specialize in food, but then i realized this one had like 5 ingredients and anything can be good with a dump of chocolate chips.

>>> my professor trying to convince me to go to grad school and i'm wondering what the heck is going on here. is this the part where graduation gets scary? yikes.

>>> nothing says love more than your lover bringing your mac n' cheese for lunch. i'm serious.

>>> dallas took me to my first punk show last night and man, it was freaking awesome. the front bottoms rock my world. the only mishap was when i dropped a crowd surfer and he broke his hand. but let's just forget about that part.

>>> wondering if my weekly "why, why me?!" crises are going to become more of a wednesday thing instead of a monday thing. this is new.

>>> just realized it's been a whole week since a last posted and so here, have some extra pictures.

 my most favorite and adorable human. 

 my new phone case. don't worry, i've been waiting to use it for months.

 when dallas makes dinner i'm one happy camper.

 today i was confessing to my sister about my fear of wearing bold lipstick. i've always wanted to but didn't want to look like a poser. well i'm showing that fear who's boss and kicking it in the trash.


  1. I love all of this, but most important: Did you see Frozen?! Better question: did you love it??

  2. hahaha gosh I missed your posts. and what are you talking about! you ARE a model, and you are rocking that bob amazingly. also your lipstick.

  3. Regarding your first subject-mayb it's a good thing that you don't tolerate greasy foods! You'll be much more healthier (:

    Wow that is a coincidence that you meet that person a year from the day you met them! And they got you a job offer!

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  4. i have the same lipstick fear. and ayiyi your hair looks so great!