Wednesday, January 22, 2014

>>> having no one to watch the bachelor with results in me talking aloud to myself. i smile, i giggle, i blanch, i gag. it's exciting. is it possible to look up spoilers of who wins? someone stop me.

>>> today i took 100+ or something pictures of makeup.

>>> just for the heck of it i'm going to post a bucket list. a kind of in-my-dreams list.

learn how to slide on my longboard.

eat a cronut. one with chocolate in it. do they have those?

never get a cavity in my life.

own a raspberry bush.

have hardwood floors in my home. this is important.

go to a lana del rey concert. riiiight, tinesha?!

own a pass to an indoor rock-climbing venue.

have miley cyrus hair.

go to peru.

own 100+ teacups.

own dr. martens.

learn how to do perfect finger waves.

go sailing with my lover.

own my own business. #duh.

have a pen pal.

make homemade sushi.

have a home in hawaii.

>>> that's all for now.

oh and here. this is for you.


  1. Thanks for the follow!!! And I would love to paint Lana Del Ray for you! Just let me know when and we'll work it out! =)

    Also, you've NEVER had a cavity?!?! EVER??? Lucky!! I've had a billion!! lol

  2. yes yes yes yes to the lana del rey concert!

  3. amazing list. even better picture! haha

  4. I've never had a cronut...but I REALLY want to try one!