Sunday, January 19, 2014

and some selfies for good measure

>>> dallas and i went rock climbing for our first time on saturday. aaaaand we.are.obsessed. we climbed and climbed until our scrawny arms felt about to snap and our fingers wanted to fall off. but you know what? all we can think about is when we can go again. dallas has dubbed us spiderpeople. also, maybe i'm a little bit proud of myself because dallas told me i looked 'in my element,' and for a girl who dreaded PE, this is saying something. also, this. i want to be that little girl.

>>> i have nothing else to say except i've had a really productive sabbath looking up stippling brushes and sperries. aren't these a dream?

>>> oh and one more thing. isn't he the cutest?

>>> p.s. looking for someone to watch the bachelor with. alas, dallas is disinterested and i just watched the first episode and have a million words to say. anyone?


  1. fun! i've been wanting to go rock climbing!

  2. that looks epic! and that little girl, crazy!

  3. I love rock climbing! I am taking a class at USU, I started my freshmen year of college! Also, I love the bachelor! There are a lot of crazy girls this season.

  4. I miss you like crazy! I love reading your blog because it reminds me of how awesome and fun you are and your personality literally seeps out of everything you say :) I'm thinking a visit to Utah is definitely in my future...or you a visit to Boise??