Wednesday, December 4, 2013

two o'clock in the morning

>>> i discovered that the perfect thing to go with a head cold is hot chocolate. and the perfect thing to go with hot chocolate is slightly burnt oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. you're welcome.

>>> checkin' out gettin' me some fake glasses. i used to make fun of people who wore those. but now i'm starting to think they knew something i didn't, because those things are cute. also, thanks to my fashion consultant, andy: check out for the cutest {and more importantly, affordable} pair of fakes.

>>> sometimes i need new socks and so sometimes i splurge and buy them on forever21. but really it's not a splurge because they're dirt cheap and #cyberweek, so free shipping. also, have you seen these? pretty sure the secret to happiness lies in rainbows and donut print socks.

>>> there's no better time than 2am to blog, amiright?

>>> p.s. these party favors will be at my next party.


  1. Hey, hope you're feeling better soon! Sucks to be sick, but hot chocolate and (in any form) cookies does help. It's proven.
    I really like Cyber monday/week. I find my self shopping more online during this week then I ever did during black friday. Because frankly, I'm not a fan of crowded stores or lots of people in general....heh

  2. I definitely blogged at 2 am last night. There is no time in the day...

  3. i have literally been looking for good fake glasses! because they look good, and they give me a good excuse to not wear make up. word.