Wednesday, December 11, 2013

this morning was special.

it was special because you were all ready to walk out the door for your 8am class, but instead you turned around and went to give me a goodbye kiss. you found me in the bed and i asked you, "don't go?" i was still half asleep, and when you laid down next to me i thought i was dreaming. we cuddled and slept for an extra hour, and with the sun on our faces - something we never get to enjoy. we ate breakfast together. we made lunch together. we walked to campus together. and then something special happened. as we walked by the hill on the way to school, something moved in the snow next to me. we looked over and suddenly noticed two deer, who had been standing so still. they were big deer, or maybe i'd just never been so close before. they just looked at us, standing a few feet away. they were beautiful. i think deer get a little bit of a bad wrap, ya know? they're only gentle and graceful, but we take out our hunting on them. i'll try to sympathize the first time one eats my flowerbed (that is, when i have a flowerbed. and a house. and in some place where deer live. which will never happen.).

we shared a sweet morning. later that day, you sent me this:

"I miss you more than a seaman going to skool in Provo misses the salty open ocean!".. trust a boy who's obsessed with surfing to proclaim his love with an ocean metaphor.

p.s. i want me some vintage deer ornaments now, because how cute?!

*sidenote: my lovely cousin just pointed out to me that people do hunt deer to feed their families, which i find a noble purpose. i amend my ways!

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  1. What an amazing morning! I saw deer on my way to a final, by the RB. It was magical.