Monday, December 9, 2013

blogging and snogging

>>> it's 4:30am, but sometimes you don't choose insomnia, it chooses you. (actually, i don't think it's insomnia. i have a theory about the sleep cycles, but i won't tell you because i don't want you to think i'm weird.) also, it may have to do with the fact that my husband just woke up to finish some homework and so i'm not alone. also, he's cute.

>>> i'm going through a major shift in, like... life. it's weird. you know how people who are about to graduate are usually really nervous because they have to figure out what to do next? well, the same thing is happening to me right now. except i'm not nervous at all. i'm just really, really excited. my whole life i've grown up being told academics is number 1. i've basically treated school like a career, thinking that biggest is bestest. for the last four years i've had it in my head that i would most definitely go to grad school and most definitely end up as a curator or a professor. and now, all of a sudden, i'm not so sure. nothing's changed about my passion for art history. but i just... there's so many things i'm realizing i'm interested in but never had time to pursue, because school school school. i'm graduating in april, and suddenly the idea of being done with school and getting the chance to pursue something other than school is intriguing. i want to try a hundred million things... also, the more i give myself time to think about it the more stuff i'm learning about myself that i never knew before. i feel ready. i'm ready to experience new things and find my talents. i know it might be a slow process at times and i will make a lot of mistakes, but that's okay. i get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. also, lately i've been having the urge to cut off all my hair.. isn't that what people say happens when going through a big life change? it's probably not going to happen though, because #money. if i were to get a hair cut, i've been thinking of a shaggy bob. like trop rouge. check it out.

>>> i'm also having some huge realizations to do with body love... wait, maybe i'll write a whole separate post on that.

>>> even after all that ^^^ need for change, one thing is for sure: i've loved blogging and blog stalking for the last five years, and i ain't going to stop.

>>> dallas and i went to bed bath and beyond this weekend to tap into some of those wedding gift cards. that place is... woah. it's like a hardware store, but for your home. yes. suddenly we were realizing all the things we never knew we needed, and we walked out with a big bag of goodies and an ingenius cookie scooper.

>>> amber lynn photography and callie hobbs photography asked me and dallas if we would 'model' (baha!) for a winter shoot. "sure!" we said. excited we were. until the morning of, when we realized we had to wake up at 6:30am on a saturday and drive for three hours in a blizzard and then stand outside in it for two hours with no coats or gloves on. but! i got my hair and makeup done in a professional salon and we get pretty pictures for free, so that's something. you win some, you lose some. also, amber and callie were so genuinely nice and awesome i would have done it again in a heartbeat.

>>> a special shout out to my two beautiful sisters in law who told me they read my blog religiously. you guys are so super cool, i'm flattered. p.s. mary, wanna cut my hair over christmas break? i hear you watch tutorials and you're really good at it.

>>> last but not least, here's some kissing pictures, because #love.

{ photography by my sister. }

*sidenote: these picture are not from the previously mentioned 'winter shoot.' those won't be finished till mid-january.


  1. You guys are a beautiful couple! Congrats on your ever nearing graduation day! What are you going to do after graduation? You should definitely enjoy, have fun, travel a little. Once you start working you will have to wait till day offs or vacation leaves to have some me time. =)

  2. I get the urge to cut my hair often. It's just impulsive, you know? But my husband is always like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" So it'll likely never happen.

  3. Lydia, you are so clever and fun to read. Love it. Also, I hacked off my long, curly hair in April and it has been so much fun! I never thought I would because I love long hair, but curiosity got the best of me and I so don't regret it. I'm growing it out again (see above love of long hair) but I recommend cutting hair short if only once. And trop rouge = lovely.

  4. Love your blog posts, Lydia! And those pictures are adorable.

  5. Woah! paragraph number two. <3 also that was me a few years ago with the urge to cut my hair off when going through "major life changes," it's fun! It's fun the first time I should say, afterwards for me it was more about growing it out fast! I can totallyyy see you rocking a shaggy bob though!

  6. first off: so cool that you got free, great pictures & got to get your hair & makeup done. i mean, talk about easy. secondly: i'm right there with you wanting to chop my hair just like that & am about to call the salon.... as soon as i have a moment of free time that is. thirdly: it's so weird knowing that you're graduating & not knowing whats going to happen next. i'm opposite though, i never wanted to continue school & all of a sudden i want to get a masters! or a phd! i want to become a professor! & anyone that knows me is kind of blown away.. it's weird.

  7. i wanna hear what you are thinking of! your ideas! i was brought up in the same boat - education education education.

    1. well.. i'm hesitant to share my ideas, because they are all so premature still, and i don't want to get ahead of myself. one thing i am seriously considering though: i think i would really, REALLY like to work for myself. have my own business of sorts. it would be an adventure, and i would be my own boss. what could be more perfect?!