Monday, December 16, 2013

happy wear-your-pajamas-to-school week!

aka finals.

i really have nothing to offer you today except well wishes from me and my new fox and kitty-cat socks, which somehow make studying a little sweeter.

p.s. i wish it could be christmas time year round so i could have an excuse to buy dallas little surprises all the time. i'm kind of beyond excited that this year we'll be celebrating our first christmas together.

p.p.s. this clip makes me laugh, i think because it reminds me of most of mine and dallas' fights together. ridiculous and hilarious and afterwards they don't make any sense. (warning: some language)


  1. Finals are the worst! But Christmases with your spouse are the best. Glad you're in the club this year! :-)

  2. Hi there! I noticed you found my little blog and I wanted to thank you for the comments! Good luck with finals, just finished mine! Luckily this year, I only had to wear my pajamas AKA sweats to school once :) (Loved that title!)