Wednesday, December 11, 2013

freebs, unsolicited advice, & christmas cheer

>>> sometimes when someone hands you a free slice of fresh pizza, even after you'd just finished eating your taco bell lunch, you don't ask questions and you just eat it right away. because #college and #freebs and #don'tbestupid. i owe you one, jennifer.

>>> sometimes you put velveeta in a crockpot and serve it with chips and call it dinner. and you don't feel any remorse about it.

>>> so byu women's studies honor society is doing a little secret santa activity. there's a dozen red stockings hanging up in the ws office right now, with a name on each one. i've seen people give/get books, tea, mugs, catwomen pez dispensers, maybelline baby lips (my favorite), piles of chocolates, marzipan shaped like piglets, and even a homemade lunch. you guyz, women's studies peeps are the best. also, feminist friday is coming to provo this week and i'm so excited i might pee my pants.

------------------- extra! extra! unsolicited advice --------------------->>>

do not let your laundry pile up for the first 5 months of marriage. it will come back to haunt you.

do not waste a precious avocado on your skin, instead of your stomach. especially when you're hungry.

do become addicted to jr. bacon cheese burgers. for the love of fries, they're only a dollar.

>>> consider these gifs an early christmas present from me.


  1. THAT IS MY FAVORITE PART OF HOME ALONE!!!! i was seriously watching it on sunday & replayed those few seconds about 50 times and laughed every single time. FOR THE LOVE, THANK YOU for that gif!!!!

  2. I want to be a part of that Secret Santa exchange!

  3. I feel like we might be soul sisters. My clothes sometimes smell of rotten potatoes because I forget to do laundry for 5 months. true story. YOU are SO adorable!! welcome to newlywed life. I promise it just gets better and better! Now if we can just figure out how to remember to do household chores?