Monday, December 2, 2013

december 1st stock

Making : a cosmetics blogpost series to rule them all.
Cooking : my husband is about to heat up a frozen pizza for himself and some boiled eggs for me. does that count? 
Drinking : lots and and lots of water.
Reading : same difference by barnett and rivers.
Wanting : faux leather leggings, an infinity scarf, sheer black tights, and doc martens.
Looking: forward to christmas break and it's promise of warm weather.
Playing: hookie from work.
Wasting: airborne chewables. poppin' 'em like popcorn. 
Sewing: i am getting a sewing machine for christmas and i have big, big plans for it.
Wishing: to not be sick. my body celebrated getting over a quick food-poisoning spell with a fresh sinus infection. how thoughtful.
Enjoying: sleeping in my own bed. vacations are the best, but sometimes home is just as good.
Waiting: for the mail to come. since when did mail take  more than a whole week to get anywhere?
Liking: my new bronzer that smells and looks like chocolate. i plan to tell you all about it.
Wondering: how bad the cons of latisse are.
Excited: for me and dallas to send out our first christmas cards as a family.
Loving: the advent calendar my sister made for me.
Hoping: that i have less homework than i think i do tonight.
Needing: to go grocery shopping. please, someone tell me it's secrets. i always end up with too much food, not enough food, and always less money. i hate it.
Smelling: op, frozen pizza must be done.
Wearing:  t-shirt, thick sweats, wool socks. 
Following: i'm involuntarily following the dallas stars and chelsea fc, thanks to my husband.
Noticing: a hurley sticker on our bedroom wall. what..? dallas.
Knowing: that there's only three weeks of school left. i'm toast.
Thinking: about people's reactions to photographer katrina barker anderson's new photo series of nude mormon women.
Feeling: annoyance that boiled eggs take so long to cook. also, grateful for blogland and the many opportunities it offers.
Bookmarking: good makeup primers.
Opening: a new blog url. i'm still working things out, but officially exists. 
Giggling: nada. anyone got some good jokes?
Feeling: regret for not knowing about the $10 sale of HONY's book.
Missing: my nieces. they fulfill my need to do nails and appreciate sparkles.

my niece. {via}


  1. i love reading these, i feel like its such a fascinating look into your world. ps--i used latisse for about a year before my wedding. i loved it, and had zero side effects. if only it wasn't so expensive, i'd use it for the rest of my life!

    1. hi kayla! did one bottle last you a year? also, after you stopped using it, did your eyelashes quickly go back to how they were beforeor did they stay a little long and thick for a while?

    2. i bought 2 bottles, and that lasted me the full year! they stayed long and thick for a few months after i stopped using, but as my long ones fell out and the "non-latisse" lashes grew back in, they got a little shorter. back to their original state.

      i've heard neulash is great too, & you don't need a doctors not for it. :)

  2. That photo is incredible! So, so beautiful. Also, I'm excited to see this "cosmetic blog series to rule them all" !

  3. i miss my nieces too. and ooh a cosmetic series! Intrigued!

  4. So good. What do you think of the nude Mormon women series? I will be frank, adding "Mormon" to it seems useless and it makes me uncomfortable. Why does it have to be Mormon? Why can't it just be portraits of normal women who are nude? And I can't see good things happening from it...(I don't know if you heard about the man who made a Mormon missionaries calendar that was setsy and stuff and he was I wonder...)

    And obviously I'm excited for this new blog of yours.

    1. i don't dislike the series. in fact.. i THINK i like it. there is definitely a place for it. the title means to make a statement about the Mormon community, and i appreciate that. also, i think the artist shows the beauty of the natural female body well. they all look so beautiful.. i especially LOVE the natural light. it frustrates me a little that people think it's not okay, because if these women wanted to do this, not for the sake of being naked but for the sake of acknowledging and being proud of their body, good for them. it's not in the name of pornography, and if people don't like it, they don't have any right to tell someone else they shouldn't do it. however, i did read an article about what happened to a few girls who had nude photos of them put up on the internet and it freaked me out. i am a little concerned for the women in the series for that reason...

    2. I do agree that I thought the photo's were well done and beautiful, from an artistic point of view.

    3. I totes get what you're saying. Really. And sorry in advance if I come off as angry about it...I'm really not. But it just doesn't sit right with me.

      So sure, I thought they were well done too and I like that there was the connection of the subject and it being in their own houses among their own things. There are plenty of examples of how nude bodies can easily be a subject for artistic purposes and they can be beautiful, too, of course. That's not really a new idea...haha. And I see that's it's making a statement to the Mormon community, but I honestly just don't think it's appropriate. Not because of how it could be construed as pornography (which I didn't think of it like that at all, nor was that the purpose of it, like you said), but because it simply just goes against what modesty is in the church. I mean, that's obvious, right? We wear a whole other layer of undergarments to emphasize how much we hold modesty as a sacred thing that we do every day, right?

    4. Anywho, I'm guess I'm just saying that using that as a critique of Mormon standards of modesty seems really, really sacrilegious. Be a nude model just to be a nude model. Don't be a nude model because your church encourages certain standards...I'm sure you get what I'm saying. I hope! Ha.

  5. the photography series is obviously different from the sexy missionary calendar, mainly because it isn't intended to be sexual and pornographic. I don't agree with it for my own personal reasons, but I don't believe it would qualify at all as grounds for excommunication.

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