Tuesday, December 3, 2013


i feel like i learn something new about dallas every single day, and every single day i grow more and more in love with him. these first five months of marriage have been quite the adventure, and i've discovered some quarks about dallas that i find cute and endearing in unexplainable ways. bear with me while i write them down?

>>> he likes crest toothpaste because it's colorful.

>>> he doesn't like his face being touched, besides kissing.

>>> instead of just asking for no sauce every time we get fast food, he takes apart his hamburgers and wipes them off.

>>> he considers himself the greenburg of music.

>>> he loves whiskey militia and would buy all the clothes if he could.

>>> he enjoys playing worms and fifa on his phone.

>>> he frequently watches documentaries on astronauts, sharks, and surfing. and by often i mean a couple times a week.

>>> he's ridiculously good at waking up early and has hardly missed his daily 8am classes this semester.

>>> his favorite shows are spongebob and breaking bad.

>>> he collects classic books like an english fiend, and he's read most of them.

>>> he makes wicked chicken marsala.

>>> his favorite dessert is just plain old oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

>>> he went trick or treating up until he was 18. if i would let him he would eat candy all day every day.

>>> he hates to floss.

>>> he doesn't believe in putting clothes away after washing them and they usually end up in piles on chairs.

>>> sometimes he randomly barks like like a puppy when he's bored. i'll often hear an "arf arf" from the other room.

>>> he's on the liberal side of things.

>>> he has the cutest chip in his front tooth.


  1. This is adorable. The two of you are too much. haha


  2. Sweet! I love how in love you guys are.

  3. Lydia. I saw Dallas in the library today. I would've said hello but it all happened so fast! I don't know what I would've said, hi I creep and now know you like crest?

    1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! natalie. that just made my LIFE! i hope i meet you in real life, one day. also, i feel like this is my first step towards becoming a celebrity, because someone i've never met in real life recognized MY HUSBAND from my blog. celebrate. you rock. p.s. if i ever see you i'll waltz right up to you and say 'hi natalie it's me lydia and you and your bf should get married cuz you will make beautiful babies.' = CREEP.