Monday, November 25, 2013

the ramen lifestyle

it's only 30 cents?! are you kidding? that stuff is like manna! i used to eat it every day when i was a kid, it's my favorite! i'll buy 10. no, twenty. cause that's like 2 dollars, right?

oh lookie here! i can just stick a packet in a little tupperware and put it right in my back pack! all i'll have to do is add water and then blam! homemade lunch!

woah there's a line for the microwave. who knew there'd be a line for the microwave?! look at all these people with homemade lunches just like me! i'm like one of the cool kids. there's some burritos. wow, that girl has steak.. and look, someone else brought homemade soup too! except her's has vegetables in it. gross.

my turn. this should take, like, what, one minute? oh wait it's still hard as a brick.. three minutes? why is everyone staring at me as i prod my ramen. i'm cooking something from scratch, so what? this is a free microwave, people. you're just jealous i'm more fancy than you. ramen noodles are kinda like pasta, and pasta is italian. see, gourmet! haters gonna hate.

oh crap. there's no paper towels. it's fine. i can burn myself. burns heal. mmm, this ramen tastes sooo good! it's all squishy and slurpyyyy and wet. it's kind of splashing everywhere. everyone is staring at me again.. i guess these noodles are a little long.. they're sort of hanging from my mouth. i look like a heathen. maybe i should have broken it up a little like my mom used to do.. whatever! i'm cool! because being cheap is cool. i embrace it. except, since when did ramen taste like cardboard? they must have changed the recipe since i was a kid.. good thing i only bought twenty packets.

... two weeks later: hey, look, ramen! it's only 30 cents! i'd be stupid not to buy it...


  1. haha, hilarious! i have not bought ramen since college ... it's amazing how good that stuff tasted when i was in college ... they def. changed the recipe on us, lol.

  2. This is exactly my experience with ramen. I have a love hate relationship with it. Graham hates it, though, so I hardly eat it! I miss it.

  3. lol this was good! I'm hardly in the cafeteria of my current campus but at my previous one, stuff like this happened alll the time :)

  4. haha this is so great! but ramen really is fantastic

  5. True fact: I have ramen in my school bag right now. I don't care what it looks like when I eat it, hot lunch > cold lunch every time.

  6. Haha hilarious! I went to an Asian market with my mom and hey I saw ramen cups, just had to buy it. Yup, definitely not the same.