Saturday, November 30, 2013

so i fibbed

>>> dallas and i were joking about the millions of thanksgiving dinner pictures people were posting on instagram, so we decided to join in and post a picture of a martha stewart dinner with the caption "first time making thanksgiving dinner by myself. #nailedit." this is a public apology for lying. i'm not sorry. while i'm at it i'll just admit that i made zero part of this year's thanksgiving dinner, unless you count clean-up duty. i nailed that part.

>>> so i'm sick. i thought it was appendicitis, now i'm just realizing that under no circumstances ever is it okay to eat half a cheese pizza at 1am, just for fun. oh, the paaaaaain. plus side: dallas is in the other room single-handedly babysitting his new nieces and nephews. hearing tiny voices say "uncle dallas" is the cutest thing ever. he's better with kids than i am. it kind of tickles me pink.

>>> i am so excited for a blogpost series i have coming up. i've been working on it for weeks and it just keeps getting better and better. it has to do with new makeup & haircare and giveaways.

>>> i leave you with this adorable video of my gorgeous four year old niece serenading me as i rest in bed. p.s. did i mention we're in california? yup. we finally made up for the time the satan man towed our car and so we drove ourselves to california asap. it's the life.


  1. hahaha, the Martha Stewart thing. That is seriously so great.

  2. Aww, hope you feel better soon!! Your niece is adorable :)

  3. Love the Martha idea! There was definitely an insta-overload of food posts.

  4. Haha, I don't think you need to apologize for your trick. That is just too funny. Also, my husband was always so good with our nieces and nephews... and now he is seriously the sweetest dad. It's a good sign.

  5. Evil trickery. I was quite flabbergasted at your post and I spent longer than one should thinking..."How did she time all that? How can one person make all of that food? Is it all still warm? Why is cooking so hard?" So I was one-hundred percent tricked.

    Also, I am really looking forward to your series...I never told you, but I'm so glad I won your first giveaway because I use the stuff you sent all the time. I love that eyeliner. So good.