Thursday, November 21, 2013

now it's your turn.

the blogs i will check everyday for the rest of my life.

>>> bleubirdvintage. she keeps me updated on beautiful, well-made things.

>>> lovetaza. basically i want my blog to be exactly like this one day. except with more sarcasm?

>>> m2story. i have read the entire thing. both blogs. twice. she has slowed way down in recent years but she is so witty and raw, i can't stop. even her high school posts are relatable.

>>> thedaybook. i know, cliche. but to be fair, i liked her when she only had 5,000 followers.

>>> somethingdevine. i'm just so envious of her lifestyle, i vicariously live through her. also, i think it's a fact that people are drawn to successful people.. so i'm, like, normal.

>>> tbartonphtography. she's just my favorite photographer right now. well, her and blush of course. #blushforever.

>>> anna & chroniclesofshe. i believe these two girls are friends. they have pretty pictures, pretty styles, and pretty perspectives.

of course, i follow a lot more blogs than this, but i constantly find myself coming back to these. maybe someday i'll be on someone else's list, and that will make my day.

k. so now your turn. expand my horizons. who do you read? tell me all the dirty details.


  1. A cup of Jo & Designlovefest & muchomuchobuenobueno are some of my daily favorites. Love a lot of these you've mentioned & following the ones I don't know! I need new blogs!

  2. --I'm Kristen, her blog is currently down which makes my heart sad. Jamie Delaine, In the name of love, The Family Morris, Jasmine Star, Mikaela Ruth are a few of my favs!

  3. have you ever heard of she's my favorite photographer - if you like tessa then you'd like carrie!

  4. Lydia. A few things:

    1. I am so flattered by this post and I totally mean it. Especially because I am a religious follower of a few of these blogs.
    2. Kelli is one of my bffs. We were bridesmaids at each others' weddings!
    3. This comment above me is cracking me up. Does she know?
    4. I'm not just saying this because of the nature of this post, but ever since I found your blog (which was sadly pretty recently), I have read every post. I'm serious. Your funny stories are, well, funny and your writing is witty and charming. Also, you're smart. I appreciate a blogger that writes relatable things without sounding too common or ditzy or vapid. It actually means a lot to me.
    5. I follow a lot of blogs and it doesn't always make sense why I follow certain ones, but some of my favorites are The Dainty Squid ( because the girl is so interesting and so extremely different from me, American Sunday ( not only because this girl is a friend of mine, but she writes in an interesting and complex and creative way that is very different from how I write, and ...sending postcards ( because this couple has literally traveled the world. Those are a random few, but there you go.

    Alright. This comment is long enough.

    1. 1. you deserve it. your blog is genuine.
      3. yes, hah, she knows. :) she's a goofy friend.
      4. my turn to say i'm flattered!
      5. yaaaaassss!!!! thank you for giving me a day of procrastination.

  5. i love a lot of these blogs, and will have to check out some of those new ones too! (new follower of yours as well, your so cute!) also... you should check out the secret life of b ( - one of the best writers and nicest girls (lucky i got to meet her once!) she's honestly fantastic.