Monday, November 25, 2013

it's skin time

so i recently became in the know about three tricks that are saving my skin. in the winter time my skin turns all traitor on me and decides to shed it's summer glow, leaving me white, itchy, and scaly like an albino lizard. it's quite terrible. i blame utah. however, this year i decided to take my skin into my own hands and force it to be good. and it's totally working. i feel like a magician. and now, i pass my knowledge on to you, because #charity.

>>> the first trick is washing your face with sugar. like, the stuff you use to bake cakes with. you just scrub it on your face with your regular face wash and bam! instant exfoliation. it gets rid of all that flaky dead stuff and leaves your skin feeling like a baby's bottom. i'm addicted to it. disclaimer: be a little careful around the eyebrows, because if you scrub too hard, it will start to rub them off. i don't speak from experience...

>>> this second one my mom has been telling me about for years but i never took it seriously until i read about it on one of my favorite blogs. (yes, i know that's backwards). just poke a little hole in a liquid vitamin-e pill and squirt some of it onto the dry spots of your face. it works better than any moisturizer i've ever had. disclaimer: use is sparingly. it's thick stuff, if you put on too much it will clog your pores and make you break out.

>>> truthfully, this last one i've actually been using since jr. high. vaseline to remove eye-makeup. i've tried a few different makeup removers and i'm always unimpressed. it doesn't matter how much i rub, it always leaves some residue and some tender, raw skin around my eyes. however, vaseline is gentle, moisturizing, and safe. also, it can help prevent wrinkles. disclaimer: don't apply it directly in your eye. ;)


  1. I love Vaseline for eye make up! Also, for lip moisturizing. It's the best!

  2. Nice tips!! I use sugar to exfoliate my body and lips and occasssionally my face. I tend to get overenthusiastic with it haha. And I'm a huge fan of using oils to remove makeup and moisturize as well
    atelier zozo

  3. i'm excited to try this sugar trick! i'm doing it tonight! btw - i love your blog. it's incredible.

  4. Totally using the sugar trick!

  5. These are awesome. Thanks for the tips!!

  6. thanks for these tips!
    i love your disclaimers, haha.


  7. Egyptian ancient queens used to use sugar for their skin... and it really works try it...