Sunday, November 17, 2013

cutting wedding dresses

i knew that title would draw you in.

so. i got a new job. called selling and altering wedding dresses. it's sort of a huge thrill. i work at a lovely boutique called a bridal center. it's a bit ironic, 'cause i never once tried on a wedding dress when i got married. i saw a picture of my dream dress before i was even engaged and had my dress custom made from there.

i always thought a job like this would be one of my dream jobs... and it's turning out different than i expected. it's hard. being a sales person gives me anxiety, and i come home with a burning back and sore feet. oh and let's not talk about the horror i felt as i first brought scissors to a wedding dress. even though i've sewed simple things for years, i've never altered anything before. i feel extremely inexperienced and every day is a challenge.

but, i love it.

>>> even though i never went wedding dress shopping for myself, i've had my fair share of wedding dress shopping for my friends. a bridal center carries the most beautiful dresses of any dress stores i've ever been to. they're all handpicked, elegant dresses, and i want to try on every one.

>>> i don't have a sewing machine of my own, and i miss sewing. the women i work with are so genius with wedding dresses, i'm learning so much and it's a skill i'm excited to have even after i leave this job. also, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

>>> selling is stressful, and i now have a new respect for sales people. as cheezy as it sounds, it feels totally worth it when you help a bride find "the one" and she starts tearing up. i love it.

p.s. just in case you were wondering, i am still working at the women's studies office. no way in ever would i quit that job.


  1. such a pretty dress! I just found your blog too! Hope we can be blogging friends! :)

  2. beautiful picture! you certainly are very courageous :)

  3. It sounds stressful, but man am I jealous of the skills you are learning! Altering dresses. Wow!

  4. I do not sew... well, i do sew but not correctly. My mom is fairly good at sewing, but never had the patience to teach my highly creative do-it-my-way soul. She tried, she really did. I have found, though, that I love altering things, I do it my way but I would like to learn how to do it the right way... I think this sounds like a cool job.

  5. They were hiring when I went shopping with my roommate there over the summer and I never wanted to work somewhere so much. But I don't sew, so. But I saw the most beautiful dress when we were there and now I know exactly what I want. That place is a wonderland.

  6. I love everything about this look! Wedding dresses have been my obsession lately:) This dresses are probably my favorite part of your outfit too! Celebrity Clothing

  7. first time on your blog!
    congratulations on your new job!
    i could only imagine the stress but helping a blushing bride from "the" dress must be so rewarding!


  8. i worked at a bridal boutique, too! but i hated it. like, sometimes i think about my past jobs and enough time has passed to where i'm like, oh, i kind of miss it. BUT NOT THAT ONE. i still have nightmares about working there! selling and commission were THEE worst. i am not cut out for that. people would even glance at the $300 crystal headbands and i'd be like, "um, claires. at the mall. $20. go." basically digging my own grave. i don't think i could ever trust myself with altering a wedding dress. one of our alterations ladies was from norway and her name was "bjorg" and i seriously loved her. also i think she got away with everything because she didn't speak english. so. if you ever have a problem, just pretend like you don't speak english.

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