Monday, November 11, 2013

punk brownies

1. sometimes i feel like i'd rather cut off my hand than do homework. who procrastinates two papers, one presentation, and one reading quiz till the day before they're all due? yeah, me neither.

2. this friend made my chocolate cake after my last post. i'm overjoyed about it.

3. dallas and i are ensnared by new girl. we breath for new girl. we live for new girl. we die for new girl.

4. a bunch of my friends are living in london right now and i hate them for it. all the time dallas and i will come across one of their pictures on instagram of them stuffing their faces with delicious pastries or posing in their new europe clothes or hugging the brittish flag and dallas and i give each other looks and grumble, "they're having too much fun..." same goes for our family and friends living in hawaii right now. have you noticed dallas and i are classic closet green monsters? except we're not closet about it. we really hate those people.

5. saturday night dallas and i were craving something fierce for some brownies. we even went out of our way to buy some shortening (and by 'we' i mean i asked dallas to and he did it). i actually made them from scratch, instead of my usual brownie mix business. come time to take them out of the oven they were flat as a penny and boiling. whaaaa?? ohhh, you're supposed to add the flour before you put it in the oven?? -___-

6. lately i keep having this recurring nightmare that i'm either not married to dallas or that i'm married to someone else. i wake up in a sudden panic and have to immediately cuddle with dallas and squeeze the crap out of him until he wakes up and hugs me back. whatever has triggered these dreams, please, clear out of my slumber party.

7. something amazing has happened. dallas is finally comfortable enough to play his guitar and sing in front of me. it's kind of my most favorite thing in the universe. never have i loved punk music so much in my life.


  1. Sorry about your brownies! I have had dreams of not being married to James too! Frightening!

  2. LOVE new girl! Actually I can relate to basically everything in this post.

  3. I have boiled brownies before, as well. It is the most unsatisfying moment.

  4. i love the way you write. this is the greatest.