Tuesday, October 29, 2013

there's something about marriage

that's freakin' awesome.

i still sometimes get weirded out that i'm married to a boy. not that dallas is weird, but it's just that i've never been this close to a boy before, and all my best friends have always been girls. but here i am. all of a sudden married to a boy. who i tell everything. and i sleep with. and we kiss. and he tells me everything. and we get each other. we really get each other. and we trust each other. and we care about each other more than anyone or anything else. we make meals for each other every day! and we do each other's laundry without asking! and i've yelled at him. and screamed at him. and cried at him. and he's gotten mad at me too. and yet, we're still crazy about each other. like loco. totally loco for each other. and we tell each other we love each other a million times a day. and we fb chat 24/7 with each other. and if we're not fb chatting we're talking on the phone. and his opinion matters most to me. and he's perfect. and he's wonderful. and i love him so much!

how did this happen? how did we get so lucky? we are meant for each other. created for each other. perfect for each other in every way. how did this happen? one day i'm flirting with dallas and inviting him to things, and the next day we're holding hands, and the next day we're kissing, and the next day he's putting a ring on my finger, and the next day we're going to the temple and getting sealed for eternity. and a year ago we were still just friends. and my best friends were still girls.

how did this happen? i don't even know...

but i love it.


  1. Oh my goodness your flower crown is perfection (aside from the perfection that is the picture itself). :) I can't wait to get marrrrriiiieeeddd someday!

  2. You have no idea how much I love this. I agree with it completely. Being married is the most wonderful best thing that has ever happened to me. And though I've been married for nearly 2 years, sometimes I wonder too, "How the crap did I get so lucky?"

  3. i love this so much and i completely agree! :)

    beautiful picture!

  4. nice on the laundry part... i should probably do mine... one day. also, what a beautiful bride.

  5. this picture is so sweet, i love it.

  6. first this picture looks like a dream! your blog is the cutest around!

  7. this is the most wonderful description of the married life i've read! makes me want the next May to come fasteeeer! :) I love your flower crown <3
    I'm following you now :) Thank you for your lovely comments, I hope that you will visit my blog again soon :)



  8. Ahww this is so cute! And what a beautiful beautiful wedding photo, I love it!

  9. oh this was too much. such a beautiful picture too and your dress is stunning!