Tuesday, October 29, 2013

lab rat

so i'm on an adventure right now. originally i wasn't going to post about it but sitting in a bed for 24 hours brings one to such desperation as to blog out of boredom.

like I said, i've been in a bed for 24 hours. you know those weird lab rat things, like when they have to test a new medicine and someone has to be the first one to try it, so they pay someone a lot of money to do it? well, that's me. except i'm not the first one to try this medicine. it's already out on the market. and it's for little kiddies who have narcolepsy. and i'm not actually taking any of the medicine. i'm just tasting it. once an hour for 8 hours a day. i'm not even allowed to swallow it. i just have to say if it tastes good and then spit it out. i'm a taste tester! the hardest part of the study is that i have to lie in a bed for three full days straight and that i can't sleep with dallas for three whole nights. i mean, i get to go to the bathroom, but i have to flag someone down first so they can assess that i'm perfectly healthy first, and i only get to eat bland sandwiches from zupas and bagels from einsteins.

i'm almost halfway through. so far i can't decide if this is turning out to be an enlightening experience or a dip into the twilight zone. i'm in one giant room with 15 other girls, all of us separated into short stalls with two beds per stall. so i have a roommate. she wears all black and knits. we're kind of like opposites, but we're besties. i have wifi so i've been spending the whole time watching marilyn monroe movies on netflix, chatting with dallas, and working on homework. i had to speak to all of my professors before and by some miracle they were all perfectly fine with me missing three days of class and have let me make up all the work.

it's been my dream since after my first batch of midterms in my first year of college to stay in bed for three days straight. and now, i'm getting what i wanted. i'm not so sure how i feel about it, and my world is upside down.

when i get out of here, all i request is a chicken marsala dinner a la dallas, a big fat kiss, or dozens of big fat kisses, and a major cuddle sesh.


  1. That's crazy! hah Some of my friends have done things like this before. So interesting how intense they are haha

  2. I agree, this is crazy :) glad you are done with it though :)

  3. Ok I'm so curious about this, this study sounds so crazy! So they just want to know if the medicine TASTES good? What the even what? Why would they care? haha I'm so confused, yet think that's pretty awesome at the same time. Also, how did you get hooked up in participating in something like this? Getting paid to watch movies and sit in bed all day? Dude count me in!

    1. Apparently some of the kids who take the medicine were complaining that it is too salty. It's for a company in SLC called Lifetree. If you're a healthy female, call 'em up!

  4. This is hilarious. The things we do for money.