Thursday, October 24, 2013


dallas, you distract me. it's the good kind of distraction, but it's distraction none the less. 

you distract me when i'm doing my homework. you distract me when i'm cleaning. you distract me when i'm watching a tv show. you distract me when i'm trying to take a nap. you distract me when i talk to my sisters on the phone. you distract me when i'm reading. 

you make silly faces in my direction. you randomly spout original poetry to proclaim your love for me. you snuggle up to me when i'm busy and put your head on my shoulder and ask to cuddle for just a few minutes. you blast your punk rock and some miley and sing along, wiggling your bum (and then i can't concentrate on anything). you come and kiss only my hand because you know you're not supposed to distract me. no matter what i'm doing or what you're doing, you're always distracting me.

dallas, you're distracting me. please don't ever stop.