Thursday, October 10, 2013

a storm is coming

>>> are you sick of my random and nonsensical posts yet? don't worry, i have a big, juicy serious one coming up.

>>> this morning i thought long and hard about some names i thought would be cute for our future offspring, and then i excitedly shared them with dallas. he kept his cool (well enough) with kelly for a boy, and danny for a girl, but he lost when i said james would be a cute girl name. c'mon! we could call her jamie! yes yes yes! dallas: no no no. i'm not giving up.

>>> i want to make this cute 'party-animal' themed cake for myself, because who wouldn't?

>>> once upon a time the tow-truck company from hell came and jeopardized our fantasy trip to disneyland. thinking about it makes me want to cry. and stab someone.

>>> i've recently rediscovered mac&cheese and i may be dying soon.

>>> i've also recently discovered a marvelous hidden dallas talent, called i-can-quote-all-of-school-of-rock. this could possibly be my most favorite dallas talent.

>>> let's just talk about how this is impossible: “The expectation for undergraduate courses is three
hours of work per week per credit hour for the average student who is appropriately prepared [i.e., 6 hours
per week on homework for a typical 3 credit class]; much more time may be required to achieve

..... -___-

>>> i was going to share a quote from president uchtdorf's talk, but i couldn't pick a favorite. read all the things.

>>> speaking of conference, i appreciate this edit to elder christofferson's talk.

>>> and lastly, #tbt. we're beautiful humans.


  1. Have you heard of the bluebird blog ( Her name is James and her husbands name is Aubrey. I also have a friend whose middle name is James, I say go for it.

    annnd school is a total joke.

  2. wait, i'm an idiot, you linked to her blog with the cake. welp, i see the train of thoughts now. okay i'm done.