Monday, October 7, 2013

$75,000 makes you happy

>>> let's make the "modest is hottest" phrase go away, k? i thought we'd all agreed that it didn't help anybody.

>>> one time my friend kaity pearl decided to move to china and take my supply of the best brownies in the world with her. so i did the professional thing to do and googled it. i can never replicate kaity's brownies, but this came pretty close. if you're not afraid to bake with coffee (or pero), check out this recipe.

>>> can we all just remember how bomb president uchtdorf's talk was?

>>> my stomach grows three times in size when the food is free. #whathappensatmom'shousestaysatmom'shouse

>>> i am just really intrigued by this article and the idea of a magic salary. (see title of this post)

>>> "lyntals, if we ever get asked to sing in church, can we sing wrecking ball?" -dallas. yes. yes, love, we can.

>>> tomorrow is october 8th and i will be listening to miley's new record on repeat.

>>> and, because i enjoy making people laugh, here's a picture of the pumpkin carving i tried to copy this weekend. don't worry, i got the pretend-i'm-an-artist bug out of my system and am back to my normal content-to-be-talentless self.


  1. I am doing pumpkins tomorrow... I totally wish I could replicate that!! haha. I want to see yours! Also, i have been making brownies a ton lately- I cannot get enough. Seriously.

    1. haha, I was too embarrassed. All I got was a slightly defined lump for a nose.

  2. I've resorted to painting my pumpkins. Mostly because I'm the absolute worst carver there ever was.

    1. wise, wise decision. and that sounds fun!