Friday, September 6, 2013

we go way back

today i facebook stalked myself (don't judge), and i noticed a trend. i only ever post things about dallas and feminism. it's cool. also i found a slew of dallas quotes from when we were dating and they just make me really happy that i married this total cutie.

"when we have our home you'll have a study. and i'll have a lego room."

"lyntals, i just imagined you with a beard and a moustache, and you still look pretty." 

"Lyntals.. if some evil witch turned you into a fish, I'd take care of you my whole life and never marry anyone else. And I'd take you every where with me. And people would be like 'why is he holding that fish??' and I'd be like 'it's my wife.'"

"the key to making good frozen tater tots is to not spill them on the ground"

{ this was the first pic of me and dallas that i posted on facebook when we started dating. we got like 150 likes on it. guess people have been rooting for us for a couple of years. }


  1. i want to bottle your love up and take it everywhere with me. it's contagious. i sat her reading this post with a massive smile on my face because you guys are just so cute.

  2. I totally Facebook stalk myself sometimes. Also instagram stalk. I love looking back and seeing how far my hubs and I have come! You and yours are adorable!

  3. Love going back to look at things like that, such a cute picture!! :)

  4. 150 likes on one picture? Everyone knows what a cute couple looks like when they see one :)

  5. "And people would be like 'why is he holding that fish??' and I'd be like 'it's my wife.'"

    haha! That's too good. Did you know each other for a long time before you dated?

    1. We knew each other for two years before we dated :)

  6. haha these are all hilarious. I needed that good laugh.