Monday, September 16, 2013

things i never want to forget

>>> that one time we climbed chinaman's hat with no flippers and no shoes. so what we didn't listen to our wonderful guide. who cares?

>>> that one time you picked a lock and we snuck in to the top of the kimbal tower.

>>> that one time we decided to go camping in the rain in the middle of the week, so we bundled up, bought oreos, and drove up the canyon. also, we watched jaws and it was awesome.

>>> that one time when we were still dating and you came over after work and i had set up a fort in the living room and made cookies. then BAM i got sick and ruined everything, but you cuddled and kissed with me anyways.

>>> that one time we went to temple square when we first started dating and we drank hot chocolate and you made a silly joke about the lion gargoyles on a building.

>>> that one time when i gave you a bloody nose from trying to flip my hair in your face. HA HA.

>>> that one time in winter when it was still too cold for the hot tubs to be open but we snuck in to one anyway, in the middle of the night. and kissed.

>>> that one time you accidentally signed up for the art history class i was a ta for, so every day we'd sit in the back and goof off. of course, you still passed the class.

p.s. you freaking rocked your major application this weekend. good job! #proudwife

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