Thursday, September 19, 2013

taking stock

making: a plan to get to hawaii.
cooking: thawing chicken so my husband can make me chicken marsala. life is hard.
drinking: chocolate soy milk watered down with milk.
reading: jurassic park and pythagoras' trousers. both equally wonderful.
wanting: to be graduated. more than anything.
looking: at public school ratings and real estate in hawaii.
playing: rookie from homework. every. day.
wasting: time having a star wars marathon with dallas. but i love it.
sewing: nothing. but if i had a sewing machine i would be recreating a thrifted masterpiece. 
wishing: for my summer tan back.
enjoying: watching my husband clean the kitchen while he wiggles his bum to miley cyrus. naturally.
waiting: to see wendy again in a couple of weeks.
wondering: what will happen at general conference oct 2013.
loving: miley cyrus.
hoping: people will stop telling my friends who are part of "ordain women" to leave the church.
marveling: that i get to be with my husband forever.
needing: someone to come clean my house. please.
smelling: the trash that needs to be taken out mixed with the fresh fall smell coming from the open window.
wearing: h&m earrings, a thrifted plaid shirt from the men's section and a pair of revamped black skinny jeans from d.i.
following: all the blogs in the world.
noticing: my older sister's are my saving graces.
knowing: reaching a dream takes time, but everything is possible.
thinking: this is my favorite semester i've ever had.
feeling: excited for the weekend. photoshoot, mom's birthday, and a double date. 
bookmarking: winter boots.
opening: my eyes to islamic art and architecture. beautiful.
giggling: endlessly over dallas' silly humor. 


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who waters down chocolate soy milk with water :)

  2. Replies
    1. yes! and i'm also more tempted than ever to just screw it and go to a tanning bed. cancer here i come

  3. Cody and I are in the middle of a Star Wars marathon right now too! We just finished the 3rd. How fun!

  4. Do you believe that womenbshe be ordained, and given the priesthood?

    Also, it seems you have an opinion on Miley, I'm curious to hear it.

    Chicken Marsala sounds really good!

  5. I was also going to say that I Love Islamic art and architecture, it is truly beautiful and inspiring.

  6. I like this so much! lots of little odds & ends. how long have you guys been married? it's the best!!

    1. Thank you! We've been married for only four wee months :)

  7. i feel ya, i just want to be graduated. now. but heres to loving everything else in the mean time.

  8. also, you should totally read this miley article: (excuse the language).

    1. read it, loved it, and now i need a miley party.