Wednesday, September 18, 2013

our heaven

  • ever since we started dating, dallas and i have had an ongoing facebook message that happens every day. well one time dallas was at work and i was procrastinating homework, and i started messaging him about our dream home. and by we, i mean me. it's sort of ridiculous at parts and a little superficial at others. but it still makes me smile either way, and i don't want to lose it. 
    Lydia Nelson

    question. who is gertrude stein?
    who is taking your place??
    i just want to have a famous blog. that's my only ambition in life
    and to pull of neon clothes with my tan skin. that i will have.
    one day. in the future.
    and have my babies model in magazines.
    and to live in a little whitewashed apartment
    with a constant supply of cake
    and famous paintings.
    and black and white photos of smiling laughing faces of my babies
    this is what my heaven will look like
    also pretty dishes with intricate flowers painted on them
    filled with baked potatoes. and brie.
    and.. and
    bright pink ear buds
    aaaaand no homework
    and a library
    with the full collection of dr. seuss books
    and all versions of pride and prejudice movies
    and every apple product there is
    and a black telephone that hooks to the wall and is old fashioned with a mouth piece you hold in your hand
    you know the ones?
    and a mountain next to me
    and a beach.
    and the mountain is covered in green
    and there's a pathway that is always slightly muddy that i can run on
    for 6 miles a day
    and... and
    three babies that will be my treasures
    that i obssess over all day
    i spelled obsess wrong.
    and i will send them all to harvard.
    or byu.
    and a secret stash of candy that is just for you
    with lots of pop rock
    and reeses
    and.. and
    my pretty wedding dress will hang in my closet and my daughters will wear it!
  • Dallas Hadley

    Lyntals I need time to catch up
  • Lydia Nelson

    and i will have more than one daughter of course!
  • Lydia Nelson

    and... and
    sons with mini mohawks
    and blankets that have black and white indian designs on them
    and dark hardwood floors
    that have chips and stratches from the kids playing
    and a white table. a tall all white wooden table
    with flowers on them. always
    rununculus flowers to be exact
    that's spelled wrong too
    sorry i'm not letting you catch up
    i'm havin gtoo much fun
    and can i have every shade of mac lipstick there is?
    i love mac lipstick. even though i don't own any
    and i want a king queen size bed for you and me
    small so we have to cuddle extra
    and big windows that face the sun in every room. magically
    all day too. sunrise and sunset
  • Dallas Hadley

    Lydia, I love you soooooo much.
  • Lydia Nelson

    i'll let you catch up now.
  • Dallas Hadley

    Lets have all those things!!!!!
  • Lydia Nelson

    did you catch up?
  • Dallas Hadley

    I love it!!! I'm caught up yes
  • Lydia Nelson

    and can we have a tent that we set up int he family room? for fun? made out of blankets?
    and a wide screen tv? for showing home videos. not for having channels
    and can we have yummy yummy spaghetti once a week?
    and sandwhiches
    we'll learn to make spankies sandwhiches
    and there will be no meat in the house
    that would be a dream
    and there's this guy in the library that won't stop staring at me
    hmmm.. and we will have glasses days. days hwere we all wear glasses just for fun
    and we will all have snuggies! because as ridiculous as they are, they have a purpose
  • Dallas Hadley

    Lydia you're making me sooooo excited
  • Lydia Nelson

    and i can have reeeed hair
    and we will have pretty things in every color
    and a couch just like blaine and beckys
    and a crib for our baby that is all white
    but with bite marks on it because that's what babies do
    and... and
    we will have magazines too
    because i always find those fascinating, but i have never bought one in my entire life
    but all the sexualizing adds will be clipped out
  • Lydia Nelson

    and... and
    skate mags!
  • Dallas Hadley

    And guns on the walls?
  • Lydia Nelson

    and can i have a walk in closet please?
    no no no
    NO GUNS!
  • Dallas Hadley

    Jk...sorry. Keep going!
    No guns!!!!
    Chinese stars?
  • Lydia Nelson

    maybe one. hidden secret in the closet. for when the koreans invade
    you're ruining this!!
    no weapons!
  • Lydia Nelson

    except maybe a bat for when we play baseball with the kids
  • Dallas Hadley

    Forget I said that...continue!!
  • Lydia Nelson

    i can't think of anything else...
  • Dallas Hadley

    Hockey sticks
  • Lydia Nelson

    hockey sticks is good
    and a soccer ball
    and taylor swift playing all the tie
    along with awolnation and blink and fun. and everything else we like
    and classical music too
    cause i love classical music
  • Dallas Hadley

    I didn't know
  • Lydia Nelson

    and can we have a constant supply of oranges and apples?
    and shorts
    ripped shorts
    and warm sweaters
    and apple pie
    and nutella always in the cupboard
    and our instagram photos on the walls
    and a puppy
    a little black one that looks like sophie
    and a piano
    please please please
    that we make our kids practice on until they like it
    and a cello and a guiltar and a violin
    no wind instruments
    unless it's the flute
    and.. and
    e will have our teeth whitened so they sparkle
    and it will be summer all year except for 2 months when it's winter just for fun
    and can we have a blue door? light blue?
    front door?
  • Dallas Hadley

    Of course!!!!
  • Lydia Nelson

    and we will go out for fries all the time
    all kinds of fries
    we will be fries and mexican food connoiseurs
    i spelled that right
    and rainboots. we will all have rainboots
    because i love those things
    but i've never owned any
    and they will be hunter brand
    because those are the nicest
    it's so fun to be in the married club
    and can i have really nice makeup from sephora?
    i just really want a small small house or apartment
    we don't need anything big
    and can we have nice lamps everywehre so that when it's nighttime it never has to be too dark in our home?
    and can we read scriptures together every night??
    and can we make chocolate chip cookies every family home evening?
  • Lydia Nelson

    i have the best chocolate chip recipe
  • Dallas Hadley

    Oh yes yes!!
  • Lydia Nelson

    and can we read classics together?
    like jane austin?
    and mark twain?
  • Lydia Nelson

    and can we have mini art lessons together???
    so my kids can also learn the famous arts?
    and can we have monthly museum visits?
  • Lydia Nelson

    and art time once a week?
    what do you think?
    hm? you like my heaven?
  • Dallas Hadley

    Si si I love it!!
    It's my heaven too
    I love it!
    It's so perfect!
  • Lydia Nelson

    okay. i should start on my paper or something.
    who is gertrude stein?
    oh also we will always have juice in the fridge
  • Dallas Hadley

    She's an author!
    I don't remember what she's written though
    Maybe she's more than an author though idk
  • Lydia Nelson

    thanks lovee
    we need to go grocery shopping
    in our heaven the open market is just down the street so we can get fresh tropical fruit whenever we want
    and also we will have a garden
    if in a home, in our yard
  • Lydia Nelson

    if in an apartment, in pots on our balcony
  • Dallas Hadley

    Can we have a rad backyard?
  • Lydia Nelson

    sure lovee
    can it have lots and lots of trees?
    so it's like a mini forrest?
  • Dallas Hadley

    I really can't wait to see you today
  • Lydia Nelson

    me too lovee
    oh also, we will make our kids reenact famous plays
    maybe we should homeschool?
    i kind of like the idea of homeschool...
  • Dallas Hadley

    This is so fun!
  • Lydia Nelson

    80 days till we get married... i think
    it's hard for me to count
  • Dallas Hadley

    Oh my that's AWESOME!!
  • Lydia Nelson

    dallas, in our heaven you will own lots of skinny ties. and a grey suit and brown dress shoes