Wednesday, September 11, 2013

i need to count my blessings real quick, maybe.

today i'm just really jealous. because so-n-so announced she's having a baby girl and she's already finished grad school and she lives in ------- with her husband and they're travelling to europe in a week. and so-n-so #2 is only 22 and she owns a successful filmography business with her husband and they travel the world together year-round and they're building a big beautiful house. and so-n-so #3 is also a filmographer and her and her husband just got back from an entire summer in hawaii and now they live in california. and i want to be done with school. and i want to have a baby. and i want to have a successful business with my husband. and i want to travel the world. and i want to have a house. and i want to spend a summer in hawaii. and i want to live in california. and that's it! if one more person announces they're having a baby i'm gonna strangle someone!

so i told my sister all my pathetic envy woes over the phone today. and she gave me a little reality check.

>>> i'm only 22. i have my whole life ahead of me!

>>> i've been to 19 countries. i have traveled the world.

>>> i graduate from byu in april. i've worked hard, i can be happy about that.

>>> i work in the women's studies office, which is the best place to work at byu.

>>> i'm married, which is 1,000,000,000 x better than being single.

>>> i'm married to dallas william hadley, who makes me laugh all day long.

so my blessings are different than the person next to me. but they're awesome.


  1. I love that last bit. Your blessings ARE awesome! :)

  2. First of all, you're gorgeous and adorable. Second of all, it is absolutely terrifying to face the reality of having a child (some days I wish I hadn't gotten pregnant and it would just be me and Todd forever). Thirdly, we moved in with my parents in order to afford Europe. I feel like a 25 year old piece of crap who mooches off her parents and is knocked up, but at least I get to spend a month in Europe. And lastly, everyone is jealous of you. I want to be back in school doing and thinking about things I love instead of a job that I hate and looking as fashionable as you. I'd say your love and obsession of Dallas is on par with the way I feel for Todd, so I'm not really jealous of that. Just reallllly happy for you two cuties.

  3. Ah! Totally understand the baby thing ;) I'm only 20, but hubby and I both are SO ready to have a little. Miscarried in May, so we've had a rough time with it. Best friend is pregnant with accident #2 (well as much as an accident as it can be when you're married!) and everyone else and their mothers are pregnant too. I've been working on counting my blessings daily too. Focusing on the beautiful life I have now instead of wishing it away or willing it to be different. Grass is always greener on the other side huh?

  4. I understand. It is hard to remember our blessings some days because our trials or road blocks seem so menacing and huge. I do like how you ended your post, you really do have a lot to be thankful for.

  5. isn't it so important to have someone who loves us to give us a reality check just when we need it? remember "comparison is the thief of joy"

  6. not sure // hailey // kylie

    i am so right, right? haha i love blogland and share with you in every bit of the jealousy. at the same time it totally serves to show what people can do in this life. if everyone was living a boring cookie cutter safe life i would die and i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks they can travel the world with a videography business. we should probably hang out, by the way

  7. haha. i think i know who #2 is. i follow her on instagram. i feel that way too. trying not to be so jealous.

  8. haha. i think i know who #2 is. i follow her on instagram. i feel that way too. trying not to be so jealous.