Wednesday, September 18, 2013

>>> dallas and i decided we want to live in hawaii when we grow up. like, we want to raise our kids there. i used to reject the idea, even though dallas has been calling it our home ever since our honeymoon and he watches youtube videos of sharks and big-wave surfers for probably an hour every day. i always brushed the idea away because it seemed impossible and irresponsible. but then i realized--i love hawaii! why am i fighting the idea and let's start making it happen! i dream of a little tiny shaggy home in hawaii with white walls and bright decorations, sandy, beat up wood floors, surf-boards and flippers in the corner, a wild garden outback, and an old broken-down truck in the dirt driveway. dallas and i will be teachers in the day and beach bums in the afternoon. it will be wonderful.

>>> we're going to california next month!! we're hitching a ride with my parents, and we're going to go to disneyland and swim in the ocean and play aunt and uncle.

>>> we gave ke$ha away. there's a hole in my heart. i still think she's going to greet me every time i walk through the front door and i miss her constant meowing for attention and her little body falling asleep in my arms.

>>> yesterday i played rookie on my homework and watched mona lisa smile for the first time. the whole time i kept having to remind myself that i wasn't watching a movie about mormon culture. oops.

>>> to all the art students in my art history class who keep calling art history useless: YOU ARE ART HISTORY. SHUT UP. (well... maybe you aren't art history...)

>>> there are two jars sitting on our bookshelf that are the "hawaii fund" and the "camera fund." they make me smile. update: the ramen rampage is going well and totally working.

{photo from our last trip to california.}


  1. I want to live in Texas when I grow up. Only because there is a some city that I found at some point in my life that has a river for streets, so you boat around the city. I love that idea. That encompasses all my dreams. If I ever can find that city again.. I'm moving.

    Also I am starting a camera fund too! I need to be more disciplined about saving for it.

    1. What? you have to let me know if you find this city again, because I've googled it and I can't find it haha!

  2. Have fun at Disneyland! It's my favorite place. We go at least once a week. And you'll be there for Halloweentime!

  3. I love your Hawaii dream and how he's calling it home already. I read once that people who were successful in accomplishing their dreams did so by already seeing themselves there. They pictured it happening. There was no doubt in their minds. So based on that, there's no doubt you'll end up there, living the dream since you can already picture it happening. ^_^