Wednesday, September 25, 2013

a higher way of lyfe

dallas has this very wonderful talent to live every moment of every day to the fullest. he never wastes a moment. and i don't mean he's a workaholic or a busy bee. he's actually the opposite. he slows things down and soaks it all in.

he doesn't spend all day doing homework.
he doesn't spend all day worrying about money.
he doesn't spend all day comparing himself to others.
he doesn't spend all day regretting what he didn't do.
he doesn't spend all day planning for the future.
and he's not lazy at all.

in fact, he's incredibly balanced.

i used to analyze dallas' lifestyle and think it was the biggest paradox. he doesn't judge the worth of his life the same way everyone else does, with money and possessions and popularity. and yet his life has immense value. his main priorities are his family, friends, and fun, and he proves it every day.

in one of my classes we learned about the moral standard that is attached to "work." statistics show that about 57% of working Americans had unused vacation time at the end of 2011, and most of them left an average of 11 days on the table - or nearly 70% of their allotted time off (source). of course, people say their main priorities are family and friends, but they don't actually live that way. they choose to go to work on their paid vacation instead of play with your family or friends because there is a moral standard attached with working hard and for long hours: if you're working long days, you're ultimately doing to the best thing for your family and friends and yourself!

i'm sure there are people with circumstances in which they have to work 24/7 to hold themselves and their family above water, and that's okay. i'm not judging them one bit.

but i'm also glad that dallas makes time for the most important things when he can, and he doesn't get carried away with homework and money and stress. he does homework when he has to, as i do. he does his part to support our little family, as i do. but he's better than me at spending his free time on things that are really important, instead of stressing or trying to get ahead. he still plans for the future, but he lives a little bit more in the present.

and i so love and appreciate that about him. i'm trying to learn from him. and so far, i've let go of a lot of unnecessary stress and i've been happier than ever.

thanks to my denlen.


  1. i definitely need to do better at enjoying the moment and not worrying about my things! My husband is much better at that than me!

    1. it's kind of hard at first. one thing i recommend that dallas has taught me: when you get home from work/school/whatever, take one hour to do whatever you want for yourself, and you'll be much happier :)

  2. Wow this totally relates to an article I featured Friday on my blog about work called "the busy trap". I love what you said here and that people are thinking about this. I'm really good at living in the moment and not feeling husband is the one with the opposite problem. It's probably a good thing though to bring balance to one another!


  3. I love this! I need to get a few pointers from him because I feel like I'm the opposite. Although, I must admit that I made sure to use my vacation/personal time! Can't let that go to waste!

    1. the first pointer i've learned from him: take an hour for yourself first thing when you get home from work and do whatever you want to relax. you may feel too busy, but the truth is you'll be happier and probably feel more motivated if you've given time to yourself. :)