Monday, August 19, 2013


sometimes i forget because time is flying so fast when i'm with you and it feels like i'm just having so much fun with my best friend.

and then sometimes i look over at you and i realize.. he's perfect. there's not one human in the world that would be better for me and i am so lucky. i am so lucky to be with you forever. and i know there were some strings pulled up in heaven so that we could be a part of each other's lives, regardless of if there is no such thing as soul mates.

how do i know this? because i can be selfish. i can be vain. i can be snappy. i can be impatient. i can be easily offended. i can be high-strung. and you are the exact opposite of all these things. you balance me out and pull me up. also, you always make me feel like i'm number 1 around you.

i love you dallas william hadley!

happy birthday!


  1. Feel this same way about my hubbers. Happy birthday to yours! <3

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  3. i love your love. and your new blog design. happy birthday to your husband!